Vegan Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

Arrow Vitamins

Starting point.

The team at Arrow Vitamins had an excellent idea for their product, but no direction on digital identity or product design. This is where I worked directly with the stakeholders to research the vegan market, perform user tests and work with the team to determine the optimal composition of the edible in terms of product design. Later, I worked on their digital presence and delivered a website and logo.

"Good UX is good business.
- Andrew Kucheriavy

A seamless experience.

Similar to the simple gummy vitamins sold by Arrow Vitamins the website was designed to be minimal and easy to use, encouraging users to retrieve the information they need to make a purchase. Careful attention was paid to the responsive version to allow for consistency in design and a streamlined experience.

It's about everything.

The most important component of any website is it's ability to please users. Users should not have to adapt their behavior to use the website, nor should they find it difficult to locate information.