Los Angeles Based Super-food Manufacturer

Virgin Raw Foods

Starting point.

After performing solid UX testing we began creating an entirely new website for Virgin Raw Foods. We worked with the staff to create a completely custom and fully responsive website that looks great on any device. Compatible with their existing e-commerce system, the new design of the site has helped the company to sell more product and grow their business.

A seamless experience.

Monika, the owner of Virgin Raw Foods, explained that her main concern was conversions and visual appeal. With that in mind, I performed analytical reviews and heat-map tests to determine where users were having trouble with the old website. Based on user data, I then designed prototypes and wire-frames. These eventually were tested, perfected and and formed into the new website. New data shows fewer users lost and almost 3X conversions since implementation.

Launch the site

It's about usability.

Websites need to showcase information efficiently. This means having a navigation system that is direct and guides the user to the information they need.